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Rock-Tenn Company (Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation)

Corrugator Building Addition/Alterations & Equipment Addition

Winston-Salem, NC

Delivery Method

Addition 40,000 SF
Alterations 10,000 SF


New Atlantic constructed a new, single story addition on the west side and performed alterations to the existing facility.

The addition required us to match the construction type that included structural steel framework with perimeter CMU and face brick, and included new restrooms, breakroom, offices, plumbing, fire protection, structural work, and civil site work.  Work included reconfiguration of the existing transformer substation and fire pump house, employee entrance, conveyer space, and access road.

All work occurred during their operations that were ongoing 24/7.  This project required critical coordination to ensure all concrete trenches, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural slab requirements were interfaced with all owner provided equipment.