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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Daniels Student Store

“The scope of the work, the critical phasing and the logistical challenges truly demonstrate the experience and the capability of New Atlantic Contracting to deliver a high quality product and meet time sensitive milestones. (UNCCH Daniels Building Renovation)”

Sid Stone

Director, Construction Management

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

Delivery Method

Renovation 56,300 SF

Gurlitz Architects

To ensure continued store operation this multi-phased project required 4 beneficial occupancy inspections by the State Construction office.

As the central “pit” on campus, New Atlantic maintained elaborate pedestrian protection within and around the building during the construction process.

The Bookstore had to remain operational and open for students during the “rush” season as the annual volume exceeded $500,000.

Work included unique structural components, vertical accesses (escalators), roof top penthouse, HVAC system, stone facade cladding, and curtainwall glass.