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City of Rockingham

Discovery Place KIDS

“Your willingness to work with and be flexible with the design team, Discovery Place, the third party exhibit installers, and the City of Rockingham has produced a project on time and in budget. The facility is one we can all be proud of and it will serve the community for many years to come.”

Joseph F. Hatem, Jr., AIA


WHN Architects, PA

Rockingham, NC

Delivery Method

Renovation 21,000 SF

WHN Architects, PA

Originally the old McKenzie Furniture building, this building was transformed into a children’s museum.

The exterior renovation included a tile wall cladding pattern over the existing brick fascia with new radius windows and new storefront that incorporated an ADA compliant ramp, and a new paved parking lot.

A mechanical platform that houses 3 air handling units was installed on the roof, a new transformer was installed with new electrical service, as well as the installation of water, sewer, and fire lines.

The 2-story interior renovation included demolition of walls, shoring the main floor for an actual sized fire truck, office and exhibit spaces, new stairway with a glass curtain wall system, elevator, detailed and segmented finishes to house different exhibits, and all new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.