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University of North Carolina Hospitals

Hospital Steam Tunnel Replacement

Chapel Hill, NC

Delivery Method

Tunnel 1,100 LF

Jacobs (formerly Carter & Burgess)

This was an infrastructure project to increase the steam pressure to the hospital from 100 PSI to 150 PSI.

New Atlantic’s scope of work included approximately 1,100 LF of steam and condensate replacement over 3 segments.

Due to below grade spacial constraints, an above ground temporary steam line was installed to maintain service to approximately 10 buildings along the path of the congested area of campus.  Portions of the utility were typically installed below grade in steam tunnels and manholes; however,other portions were constructed  in brick chases, bridges, and precast enclosures to fully conceal the utility and aesthetically blend the work with the highly visible area of campus.

The project also included mechanical upgrades to steam PRV stations in 22 mechanical rooms that were located within the limits of the project and “down stream” of the upgraded steam line for the new incoming higher steam pressure.