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City of Winston-Salem

Lowery Street Renovations

“…I cannot image ending up with a better selection than New Atlantic Contracting on this project (Lowery Street Renovations)…New Atlantic has been essential in the success of the project…the City of Winston-Salem was very fortunate to have New Atlantic working on this project. The City is going to have a first-class facility, and they played a major part in that.”

Robert Prestwood, P.E.

City Engineer

City of Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem, NC

Delivery Method

Renovation 72,000 SF

Morris-Berg Architects

New Atlantic completed the 72,000 SF, Lowery Street Renovations of a former HVAC manufacturing building that lay dormant for over 30 years.

The building was converted into a City Public Works facility and will house four departments (Sanitation, Engineering, Medical Services, and Employee Training and Development).

Extensive interior renovations included existing masonry and steel column repairs, the creation of new offices, conference rooms, locker rooms, corridors, lobbies, waiting areas, and wellness center. 930 LF of brick, EIFS, and glass façade make-up the new, modern exterior. City vehicles and equipment will be able to access the new, precast equipment and car wash areas.