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City of Greensboro

Multi-Modal Transportation Center

Greensboro, NC

Delivery Method

Addition 6,500 SF
Renovation 5,700 SF
Passenger Platforms 68,000 SF

Gannett Fleming, Inc.

The old Greensboro Southern Railway Depot Station, originally built in 1927, was converted into a state-of-the-art transportation HUB for the City of Greensboro.

Phase 2 construction included extensive track upgrades, reconstruction, and extension of the passenger tunnel; construction of a new baggage tunnel, passenger platforms and canopies, and an interior  addition and renovation.

Our firm had to work next to active train lines installing a 300 FT long x 20 FT deep shoring system parallel to the track and at times there were fully loaded trains operating adjacent to the shoring system during construction.