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NC Correctional Institution for Women

New Healthcare Facility

Raleigh, NC

Delivery Method

103,000 SF

(formerly BJAC)

A 3-story medical center that provides inpatient acute care, ambulatory care, and mental health services for the inmate population.  The facility accommodates 150 beds; 80 medical and 70 mental health.

The medical area of the facility includes an outpatient/ambulatory care medical clinic that includes physical therapy, pharmacy, dental, laboratory, triage, exam, and procedure rooms; radiology, chemotherapy, and dialysis rooms.

The assisted living area accommodates 42 medical beds with an additional 38 general medical beds located on the second floor of the building.

The mental health section is subdivided into 2 areas; 1) outpatient mental health clinic treatment area for counseling and treatment and 2) inpatient mental health clinic containing 70 beds serving 3 distinct units: crisis stabilization (10 beds), intensive care (36 beds), and residential housing (24 beds).

Special system integration was required that included card access, duress, CCTV, intercom, fire alarm, and HVAC controls.