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University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Parking Deck J

Charlotte, NC

Delivery Method
CM at Risk

401,742 SF

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

The South Village Parking Deck is an integral part of a major residential redevelopment. A capacity of 1,247 vehicles, the deck serves over 2,000 students who live in nearby residence halls, along with faculty, staff and visitors. It was designed with automated vehicle identificationfor contract parking as well as pay-on-foot and pay-in-lane for visitor parking.

The cast-in-place structure requires little active maintenance and was designed with a precast exterior to match the University’s brick standard.

Features include:

  • high-performance concrete
  • induction lighting
  • white stained ceilings
  • waterproofing systems
  • wash-down water supply
  • bicycle lockers.

South Village Deck is also prewired to accommodate electric vehicle chargers in the future. The deck’s 4-bay design provides efficiency and operational flexibility with smooth traffic flow for entrance and exit. South Village Deck has a continuous single-run staircase oriented towards the residential village. It feels grand and open but more importantly, creates a safer environment for pedestrians.