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University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Studio Arts Center

Greensboro, NC

Delivery Method

99,084 SF

Hayes Seay Mattern & Mattern

New Atlantic constructed this highly visible 4-story, concrete and glass facility that brings a high level of prominence to the campus.

Transparencies in the building skin provides natural light during the day and create a glowing presence at night . The 2-story main entrance lobby and gallery are divided by a glass wall that provides a dramatic point of entry.

The Studio Arts Center houses art, digital  foundry, clay modeling, ceramics, and wood shop studios; administration offices, teaching and faculty areas, and library.

Industrial exhaust from the studios is carried directly to the exterior and vented through a freestanding sculptural tower.  A 5-ton overhead bridge crane travels the full length of the foundry and extends into the outdoor casting yard.

A 2-story interior architecture area has exposed glulam trusses with tongue and groove wood decking, crowned with a large 30 FT x 60 FT skylight positioned directly above the department’s critique room.