Construction Management

Strong Leadership with Diverse Experience

To ensure consistency and efficiency, New Atlantic’s Construction Management Services will take charge of your project from the very beginning of the preconstruction phase all the way through to completion. We have many years of experience in this role, and we’ve built a strong reputation for leadership and reliability in North Carolina and beyond. When you partner with us, our seasoned management team will take personal responsibility for every aspect of your project.

We will sit down with your team to discuss your project parameters and develop a plan to fit your goals. Our wide-ranging expertise will ensure a realistic and economical project budget and construction schedule. During the bidding process, New Atlantic’s extensive network of construction industry relationships will enable you to obtain competitive pricing from qualified subcontractors. With our experienced managers at the helm, we guarantee your project exceeds your standards of cost-effectiveness, expediency, and quality.

General Contracting

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New Atlantic embraced our vision with enthusiasm and excitement. All aspects of the project delivery were handles with good care and thoughtful detail. By its very nature, when you create something unique, you will for sure face challenges, as you ask all partners to push boundaries. New Atlantic’s team was always there with us, shoulder to shoulder, aiding and pushing these boundaries together. And the result has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Howard Pan
Corporate Vice President Inc. & Markor International Home Furnishings, Co. Ltd.