Facilitating Subcontractors: Building Strong Foundations Together

MCLEANSVILLE, NC: As the Safety Director for New Atlantic, the completion of Construction Safety Week is an important reminder of the crucial role subcontractors play in the success of major construction projects. The experience we have had with the NC National Guard's 85,000 sq. ft. The McLeansville Readiness Center project has highlighted the importance of supporting subcontractors and maintaining strict safety standards.

In collaboration with Smith Sinnett Architects, this endeavor has been hailed by Robyn Boyd (Project Manager for the NG), as "One of the biggest projects the NC National Guard has ever done." While the scale is impressive, the true driving force behind progress has been the dedication and expertise of the subcontractors involved.

Safety has always been a top priority for New Atlantic during construction. Our team works tirelessly to create an environment where every team member feels empowered to contribute their best work without compromising their well-being. Our commitment to robust safety protocols and open communication results in a culture of vigilance and accountability. This ensures that each step is executed with utmost care and attention to detail.  We do not sacrifice safety for production.

Our industry's backbone is subcontractors, who shape communities and play a crucial role in defining collective success. At New Atlantic, we recognize the invaluable expertise and skills that subcontractors bring. We prioritize establishing collaborative partnerships that are built on mutual respect and shared goals.

The McLeansville project has proven the value of effective project management and proactive problem-solving. Large-scale undertakings require adaptability and a willingness to learn from challenges. By adopting these principles, we were able to overcome obstacles while maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality and safety standards.

Facilitating subcontractors involves more than just delegating tasks; it creates a culture of collaboration and mutual support. Leveraging diverse skills and experiences enabled us to achieve results exceeding expectations. Subcontractor contributions shaped the Readiness Center's physical structure and reinforced the foundations our industry thrives.

Reflecting on this project, the key to success lies in effectively empowering subcontractors. By prioritizing safety, valuing expertise, and fostering collaboration, we were able to construct an impressive facility and set the stage for future excellence. At New Atlantic, we remain committed to upholding these principles and continuing to build strong foundations together with valued subcontractors.

Frank Harris, Safety Director

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