New Atlantic Selected as Construction Manager at Risk for the NC State Dabney Hall Renovation

New Atlantic takes on a challenging and strategic role as the CM at Risk for the comprehensive renovation of the 53-year-old Dabney Hall Chemistry Building, a nine-story structure built in the early 1970s. This complex project will be executed in multiple phases to ensure the majority of the building remains occupied during construction, with only the specific floors under renovation being temporarily vacated. To accommodate the students and faculty during this process, a swing space with chemistry lab infrastructure will be established in the neighboring Broughton Building during Phase 1. This initial phase involves retrofitting the Broughton Building to create the necessary space. Subsequently, Phase 1 of Dabney Hall will commence, focusing on the installation of new backbone infrastructure to support all nine floors of renovations, encompassing mechanical equipment, lab exhaust systems, structural enhancements, roofing, electrical systems, fire protection, and data communications. The project will proceed in 4-5 phases, with completion expected around December 2029. Stay tuned for updates on this intricate transformation!

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