New Corporate Office

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Winston-Salem, NC

Delivery Method

CM At Risk


New 2,928 SF
Renovation 4,546 SF


West & Stem Architects, PLLC

The original 1946 structure was a ranch-style “house” with 6” to 8” solid rock veneer attached to CMU and rough-sawn wood support walls. Structural modifications were required for the conversion to “office” functionality that required larger open spaces smooth flow and transitions between offices. Close attention to detail at the tie-ins between old and new construction was critical for structural aspects, leak prevention, as well as aesthetics. The nature of ProBenefits’ core services required the installation of “miles” of data wiring and communications infrastructure to accommodate existing and future growth needs. The lighting system was designed to utilize high-efficiency LED fixtures and intelligent sensors to monitor and control the lighting system and entitled the owner to incentive rebates from the local power company.

Industrial and Commercial

  • Press Glass Inc.

  • Markor Art Center

  • City of Winston-Salem

  • ProBenefits

  • International Market Centers

  • Triumph Actuation Systems

  • Market America

  • Main Street Clemmons