University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Railroad Pedestrian Underpass

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Greensboro, NC

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Tunnel 170 LF


Wagner Murray Architects, P.A.

New Atlantic constructed a new pedestrian tunnel underneath 3 active railroad lines owned by the North Carolina Railroad and leased by Norfolk Southern Corporation. Freight and passenger (AmTrak) trains use the railroad tracks regularly (up to 40 trains per day).

The tunnel has plazas on the North and South sides.

The plazas slope from Lee Street (South) down to the tunnel, and then slope up to the campus (North).

In addition to the tunnel, the project included revisions to the parking deck entrance, a new parking lot, and a new crossing for pedestrians at Lee Street.

New Atlantic personnel had to conduct special railroad training and Homeland Security background checks for all on-site crew persons.

Main image by matt c. photography.


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