Celebrating Success at WPCC: Grand Opening of the Regional Skilled Trades Solution Center

Celebrating Success at WPCC: Grand Opening of the Regional Skilled Trades Solution Center**

New Atlantic, in partnership with Morris Berg Architects, proudly participated in the grand opening celebration of Western Piedmont Community College's (WPCC) new Regional Skilled Trades Solution Center. This momentous event marked a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to excellence in construction.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated subcontractors and suppliers, whose unwavering support was integral to the success of this project. We also express our gratitude to our esteemed consultants, including Thomas & Hutton, Stewart, and Optima Engineering PA, for their invaluable contributions.

The event featured an inspiring lineup of speakers who shared their insights and visions. Among them were Scott Mulwee from the Burke County Commission, Dr. Jeff Cox representing the NC Community College System, Amy Kincaid, former WPCC Board of Trustees member, Senator Warren Daniel from the NC Senate, Scott Hamilton of The Golden LEAF Foundation, Dr. Cindy Davies from WPCC, and Nora El-Khouri Spencer of Hope Renovations.

Dr. Joel Welch, Ph.D., PE, emphasized the collaborative nature of the project, stating, "We had one of the easiest, straightforward construction projects I have ever seen, and an opportunity to be a part of. We used a design-build approach, partnering with New Atlantic and Morris-Berg from the very beginning. They were at the table, working with us on cost and design, and we could not have done it without them."

Adding a touch of excitement and camaraderie, John Morrison, Executive Vice President, joined WPCC leaders, students, staff, and the community in breaking down barriers at the event. Hard hats and hammers were all part of the memorable celebration!

Visitors, including students, community members, and guests, had the unique opportunity to explore the remarkable 15,000 sq. ft. hands-on facility. They witnessed the impressive work happening within this state-of-the-art building, which stands as a testament to the collaborative effort of all involved.

The success of this construction project owes much to the leadership of Glenn Wise, Jesse Walters, and Ryan Dunmon, who guided the project team with unwavering dedication.

Being a part of building Western Piedmont Community College's vision for this project, which supports the future successes of the College, the region, and the construction industry, was a true honor for New Atlantic.

Stay tuned for more updates on our commitment to 'Building Visions' and 'Earning Trust.'

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